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Welcome to my Wooden World


t r e e - c e n t r i c a r c h i t e c t u r e

a n d t h e a r b o r e a l c i t y o f t r e g a a r d



The concept of Architecture is so complex and at the same time so simple. We have so many expressions of it, and yet none of them can be considered neither the most perfect nor the less important. Paraphrasing the English poet Wystan Hugh Auden we could say that all of them are cosmic trivia but none of them is unessential. Every designer feels to belong to a specific philosophy, artistic movement, historical style, using it as the starting point of every new creation, the main source of its inspirations. My designs come from my Tree-Centric vision of medieval archetypes, with geometries based above all on the Golden Proportion (1/1.618) and on number 4 as the most sacred to represent the universal perfection of trees in the context of the theory of my ideal Arboreal City known as TreGaard.


Wooden architecture is our most sacred opportunity to build arboreal cities, to give shape to my ideal TreGaard, to celebrate Nature and its ancestral timeless beauty but in humble silent, like when we kiss our love in the night with delicate passion to preserve its rest, just receiving pleasure from loving it, to be there, no other place could be the best. Wooden architecture is made by whisperers of love.



all rights reserved Thomas Allocca